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used storage containers
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Local call from Delaware & Franklin County, Ohio.

56K dialup as low as $15.95/month!!!
Can't afford a network for your small business? Do you need to work from multiple locations?

We can set up a network for your business and you can use our servers as your business servers!

You will save $$$ on network/server installation and support. You just need to connect to us and be authenicated from a PC at work or home (aDSL or dial-up). Then, you (or anyone in your company) can run your business from almost anywhere.

Additionally, our Internet application servers will allow you to replicate data to any local PC, so you can always keep a copy of your data locally.  More Info.

DelNet is providing aDSL service! This means you can have one phone line that handles phone calls, fax, and Internet access at the same time.

aDSL is much faster than 56Kbps modem. The aDSL package starts at 768 Kbps download and 128 Kbps upload, which is at least 5 times faster. Your actual speed depends on the quality of the phone line coming to your house.

The pricing starting at
$9.95/ 1 month (GTE will charge you the phone line fee starting at $32.50, depending on speed). 

So, this means your total will be $9.95 + $32.50 = $42.45 a month.

We are also offering help for connecting  more than one PC to the Internet. It is perfect for businesses with more than one PC or for a family with "power" Internet users.

This offer ends on Jan. 31, 2001.

Please click the image above to see detail pricing, register  and obtain Frame-Relay circuit Id & DLCI number before you call Verizon to setup your ADSL phone line.

Click here to check for aDSL availability in your area.

If it is not available please pre-register here. We will keep pushing aDSL to your area.

You must be a Verizon (GTE) phone customer in Ohio to use us as your ADSL ISP.

The Verizon (GTE) promotion for a free ADSL modem ends on Jan. 31, 2001. Hurry before it's over!

We take personal check payments!!!
We have all 56K dial-up connections to the Internet.
Unlimited access to Internet
Free Email account
Free 5MB web site spaces

Please call 740-549-1556 Delaware Ohio
                614-766-8230 Columbus Ohio

  Need HELP?

Bill payment mailing address:
DelNet, Inc.
6920 Killarney Ct.
Dublin OH 43017

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Web site setup procedures
A brief description of what you need to do to have your web site ready.


Domain name registration service
Usually happens with in 48 hours! Your web site will be ready for the whole world to see.
Web hosting, E-commerce servers
Hosting Microsoft IIS, Lotus Notes Domino,
Apach, Gold Paint shopping cart, ..etc. web sites.

Internet e-Applications services
Internet calendar, customer self-care, mass e-mailing, news letter broadcasting, sales force automation, collaboration from multiple locations, ....etc.

In home computing services
Having a problem with your home PC? Call us, we will help fix it for you.

Small business networking services
Window 95, Window 98, Windows NT, Linux!. No problem! We design what you need and connect you to the Internet.

Internet training services

Want to learn about the Internet? We will customize a class for you and your company's needs.

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Adult Site Blocking $60 a year through Xstop